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Conscious Cocktail RENcipes

“Wine is the thinking persons health drink” -Dr Phillip Norrie 





Whether it’s a glass of wine, vodka cleverly disguised as grain neutral spirits for use in a tincture as an herbal preservative or something fancily mixed to sip for leisure, beverages of this nature have been used for centuries as both a celebratory and medicinal medium.


In modern times, consumption of alcohol and pizza has always been way outta contral at the Jersey Shore so thats why I’m inviting everyone and their friendZ to my sustainable party. Meaning we can get up the next morning and do it again without synthetic pain relievers, pre-gaming with commercialized thirst quenchers and having hangovers for days on end. Most of those side effects we would like to avoid are caused by sugar, artificial ingredients, over consumption and ultimately they result in the itis or inflammation which make us feel not so good. Maybe we should call it hangoveritis? So anywayZ please be mindful of moderation and staying hydrated to help prevent and flush out the itis! The approximate rule of thumb for caffeinated and alcoholic beverages is to consume an extra cup (8oz) of water per beverage on top of your regular daily intake requirement. (Your Weight divided by 2 = minimum daily intake in ounces.)


I assure you there are substitutes for traditional favorites that taste just as good and are better for the body than all the refined sugar laden fist pumping fuel. Unfortunately, I know a handful of twenty something year olds that have induced type 2 diabetes from partying non stop all summer long between Seaside Heights, Hoboken and Atlantic City. Now that they are on insulin they monitor there levels in order to still go out and party… um hello?!


Check out these stats from

Drinking alcohol can contribute to the conditions that cause diabetes

There are three main ways drinking alcohol to excess can be a factor in causing diabetes:

1.Heavy drinking can reduce the body’s sensitivity to insulin, which can trigger type 2 diabetes.
2.Diabetes is a common side effect of chronic pancreatitis, which is overwhelmingly caused by heavy drinking.
3.Alcohol contains a huge amount of calories – one pint of lager can be equivalent to a slice of pizza. So drinking can also increase your chance of becoming overweight and your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


See what I mean?! And the boyZ are still chasing down their pizza with alcohol! There are a lot of factors going on here and I think the lack of knowledge and severely life threatening cases on an individual level to inspire people are a big part of it. I don’t want to see it come down to that though since I’m all for balance, moderation and a preventative lifestyle. I get that some people may never choose to change but it won’t stop me from trying to get the message out there and suggest alternatives. My ulterior motive is because I really would love to procreate one day and have a thing for Jersey Boys with light eyes and juicy Italian last names.   But as long as high fructose corn sperm swims rampant  my chances are pretty slim of harvesting my partner along this coastline. I did try introducing watsu down the shore which I learned about Holistic Health Crusading in Sedona, and think I am going to wait until next summer to give it another shot.


watsu [The boyZ like Joey there are actually super smart and talented when they apply themselves to things besides mastering the art of drinking beer underwater- check out his website.]

On my quest to become the ‘Holistic Oprah’  I have done my market research on studying how the celebrities I admire have made it. All the details from their own life struggles, to the way they speak and the people, places and things they became familiar with in order to look for patterns and divine interventions that may have helped get them there. This sometimes boiled down to even their favorite color and foods. You know, for some incite into what chakras they are working with!            Is it worth it? Let me work it! New Age Missy Elliot Style.. 

I became aware awhile ago that Oprah’s favorite drink is the Moscow Mule and it fascinated me that it is traditionally served in a copper cup aside from the alkaline forming lime and ginger beer to aid in speeding up the metabolism. http://

My fascination surrounding the cup lies in the high conductivity of the metal and how coppers atomic number of 29 reduces to master number 11 in numerology; making it the ideal drink for an Alchemist or Goddess like Oprah.

[Yes thinking diffeRENtly and wayyy outside the Uni-verse is my nutZ.]

So of course I decided I would try a Moscow Mule. I learned that many venues do not serve it in the traditional cup and it was explained by a bartender down in Longbranch that it is because people oftentimes steal the cups. Not cool. She did muster one up for me in the back that they claimed was their last one. I got a table near the transplanted palm trees, overlooking the beach and performed my expeRENment consisting of casually sipping, swooshing and taking notes on the flavor and fizz.

One night shortly after that I went out with the GirlZ to Mcloone’s Boathouse. They had a special called the ‘Mediterranean Mule’ on the menu. I learned that unlike a Moscow mule which just uses regular vodka, the Med Mule uses and Italian Fig infused vodka. Salute!




A few weeks ago when the famiglia was preparing for their Labor Day BBQ like it was the feast of San Gennaro, my mom, ‘Ammo’ asked me if I had any vodka. She wanted to make some weird jello filled watermelon thing but not with the good stuff which is totally possible. Yes they do sell vegan jello. I went to my Naturopathic Lair to open my cabinet where I keep my large scale mother batches of  mushroom tincture from at least full moon to full moon- because if I had any plain vodka it would be there. Although there was none to be found the batch being infused was with chaga wild harvested from the Catskills and it dawned on me that I could try creating my own Mule as the signature drink for our BBQ! (Plus I don’t know if I would have really volunteered my organic, gluten free vodka from France for Ammo’s GMO watermelon sacrifice anywayZ.)




….And so instead of humanoid offspring, the ‘Dr. Ren’s Catskill Mule’ was born.   The picture above is to illustrate the color due to the Chaga Infusion. It was taken before I poured it into my monogrammed copper cup and garnished it with lotZa lime.  It was a hit even with the throw down radicles at our party. I also sourced a sugar free, carb free ginger beer to keep the calories ultra low. My goal was to get the added RENefits of Chaga Mushroom in a funZie cocktail and I feel like this one definitely lives up to it.


Before I give you the RENcipe I’d just like to give you some fun facts and suggest a few more tipZ on mindfully selecting a cordial, which by definition is “a comforting or pleasantly tasting medicine.”


Fun FactZ:

In general, all alcoholic beverages other than beer and wine are referred to as spirits. 

 Hops is the spice in beer that gives it the aroma, bitterness and may act as a natural antibiotic and preservative.

Hops extract is a compound called xanthohumol and best absorbed in the body as an oil soluble. It may help balance the polarities and all metabolic responses. It’s one of the fastest, practically immediate responding substances I’ve ever expeRENmented with for overall balance. In its separated or extracted form, it does not show up as alcohol in the system.

Typically the darker the better when it comes to wine and beer:

Red Wine can be strategically consumed for the polyphenol called resveratrol, although white wine still contains antioxidants and similar RENefits. Wine may help reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and neurodenerative dis-eases and help you stay looking young.

Dark beer could be consumed for its digestive bitters to help release stomach acid and boost metabolism; but in moderation so ulcers and other upsets do not occur. Beer contains vitamins like B2, B6, Niacin, Biotin, Folate and Panthothenic acid.

Regular Vodka is sugar free and many available now are so far distilled they can be considered and labeled gluten free. (The process to certify vodka gluten free reminds me of how a homeopathic remedy is made since they still contain the essence/ vibration/ energy of the plant material. So how it would show up in bio feedback in regards to effecting someone who is super sensitive to gluten in an energetic way still boggles me. I have more research to do on this.) 

In NJ the legal limit to operate a vehicle is .07 and .03 for Commercially Licensed drivers. Personal use pickup trucks and some van’s are registered passenger-commercial code 15 and commercial pickup trucks are commercial code 11. (These codes appear right on your registration so it is public information) There is no code for just passenger pickup truck (passenger van is code 8) due to this, even if you are a regularly licensed, non commercial driver and drive a pickup truck, I would suggest you stay under .03 since it is the authority’s discretion on what limit to hold you to. I worked at ‘the portal to hell(as referred to in the Reaper TV series) in addition to the only country line dance hall in in the State- so this scenario came up often lolZ. (My last prorated pay check was appropriately in the amount of $666.76 when I resigned in good standing 2 years ago to pursue my Big Audacious Goal. I think the 7 divinely found it’s way in there for good luck. ) 

In most if not all States, signing your driver’s license is consenting to take a breathalyzer test even if you are not orally informed. Therefor refusing to take a breathalyzer could result in arrest.

But enough about all those fun facts a not so fun facts which will probably go over most peoples heads anyway! We are responsible adults and the summation of my brain fart blog is that consuming alcohol is something that can be done mindfully and with potential health RENefits.


Now here’s my Catskill Mule RENcipe:


slide DRR_Today's healthy Rencipe

“Dr. Ren’s Catskill Mule”

  • 2 oz Organic, gluten free Vodka infused with Chaga Mushroom                                                                                                          or 4 full droppers of Chaga Mushroom Tincture into Vodka = approximately 60 drops.
  • 6 oz Organic Ginger Beer
  • 1.5 oz Fresh Squeezed Organic Lime Juice – Oprah is right teeth work best when camping without a juicer! 

Mix above ingredients to taste and pour over ice preferably into copper mug.

Garnish with lime wedges and/or kaffir lime leaf & enJOY! 





I would like to share a link to some additional Conscious Cocktails… 


On 9/28/15 at Brooklyn Borough Hall, I was a featured panelist during Yoga Day. I served virgin iced TeaFresca which is a tannin free all natural Tea Concentrate taking the world by storm right NOW and everyBODHI fell in #Love!


TeaFresca is a NJ based company that sources the finest Himalayan tea leaves discovered by Jeff Fuchs that are fermented with enzymes. This is a very versatile product depending on how it’s served and can meet the lifestyle desires from yogis, to artists, cafe goers, housewives, the unawakened, and ones who enJOY Jersey Shore Nightlife.

My cousin is one of the partners and I AM so proud that it has already replaced commercial iced teas in many hospitals including The Brooklyn Hospital Center because it is completely sugar free with no sweetener substitutes whatsoever.

 This tea product is a must try because it still has a refreshingly sweet taste to it and some super creative flavors. It can be had hot, cold, as a mixer or flavoring to any dish or dessert. My favorite is the Peach Black Tea. So in relevance to this post you can make yourself a complete sugar free Bellini alternative by adding this flavor to plain vodka!

TeaFresca’s featured Cocktails can be found by clicking>> HERE.

If you would like more information and interested in purchasing or carrying the product fill out this form. In the ‘Your Message’ space type ‘Dr Ren Recommended you’. I’ll make sure   Anthony    takes good care of you!


See you at the family’s next sustainable party!


xo #smoocheZ & CheerZ!



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