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JutiBar: Juti means ENERGY in Sanskrit!

“Happiness gives us the energy that is the basis for health” – Henry Frederic Ameil




And ya know what make me the most happy?! Eating lean, clean, plant based, organic, GMO and gluten free whole foodZ! That’s how I get the RENergy to Holistic Health Crusade to bring YOU all the latest and greatest Holistic Health tRENdZ!

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Because of my Radically Enthusiastic Naturopathic tendencies, I AM able to source people, places and products that my A-team and I have tried, tested and found to be true in order to present them to youZ guyZ. That’s why we are curRENtly re-branding and re-launching to feature Geo-Located Holistic Health. Ya know so you can find your tribe and connect to them anywhere on this green planet plus have access to Holistic Health tipZ, DIY RENmedies, natural food products and information about them [like transpaRENt ingredients] even if you live in a food desert. The Holistic Mafia has helped me to cut some exclusive dealZ so Holistic Lifestyle tools can be affordable to everyONE! Now we can all harness the RENergy for a sustainable party!


Something I AM a super fan of is the JutiBar “6 to Life Challenge”…. No no no your not going to be sentenced for 6 years to a lifetime in prison; that’s dirty work and WE ARE lightworker’s ova’ here… It’s a challenge to eat 1 JutiBar a day for 6 days and feel the diffeRENce! My Goombas can go on and on all day about the health RENefitZ they are experiencing in just 6 days. Stuff like less sugar cravings and like the name means in Sanskrit, more ENERGY!


What I’d really like to challenge youZ guyZ to do is go ‘all in’ like the Jersey Boys do at the casinos in Atlantic City when they try to win big money but in this case go all in for your health, cuZ letZ face it: HEALTH is WEALTH! So the ALL-IN challenge is to complete 40+ days eating a JutiBar a day. I have my reasons for this… studies show that the skin begins to regenerate around every 28 days and habits break after 40 days, also red blood cells last about 120 days or around 3-4 months. So here’s the deal… you’ll probably begin feeling results after 6 days but if you want to SEE results your skin may have more luminescence or begin to clear after 28 days AND since my Hair Mineral Analysis test gives a 3 month report on what is happening nutritionally inside your body I RENcommend taking one before your challenge and around the 120 mark.


I also challenge you to have FUN implementing Holistic approaches in your lifestyle cuZ letZ face it, who’s gonna keep it up if it’s not fun? One way I incorporate FUN is making plans but leaving room for magic and play. I know we may have been told not to play with our food growing up but that’s one of the few perks of adulting. So YEZ give yourself full permission to play with your food! I like to crumble my JutiBar in almond mylk that I make from scratch and eat it as a cereal for my Break-FAST in the morning. They call in breakfast because we are fasting while we are sleeping so our internal organs can clean up our bodies overnight. So here’s the deal use the link below to pick YOUR challenge and try some of the playFULL smoothie RENcipe’s to break your fast in the morning!! Make sure to contact us with your AUMaZing results!


juti smoothie 1juti smoothie 2juti smoothie 3justi smoothie 4


Because YOU are Dr Ren Recommended and I want to see you reach your full potentiality with no excuses you will receive a 22% savings on your “Juti Bar 6 to Life Challenge” by using our exclusive links below:


And 50% off your Hair Mineral Analysis:

Don’t forget to go ALL-IN and exceed 120 days straight!


Who LOVEz ya?

 RenZi  xo


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