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Think Healthy for the HolidayZ!

“Those who truly believe are always rewarded with the truth” -Santa Claus 


Mr. Rick Brunkow is the official @NJSanta and he has been making sure everyone in the Garden State has been being good all these years, even after his retirement as a NJ Department of Corrections Officer!


I met Santa Rick on the Holiday set at The Mall at Short Hills and have been frequenting this mall since I was a kid. I used to think I was such a rebel as a teenager wearing tie dye there since they are the “preeminent shopping destination” of New Jersey. Here it’s normal to see shoppers midweek dressed to the nines and celebrities like the Millionaire Matchmaker (since it’s located in her home town) or Wendy Williams browsing on any given day.

They have many high standards at this mall and when it comes to Santa, the main one is he has to have a real beard. Santa Rick has been featured in many magazines and TV segments and wasn’t kidding when he shared in our RENpisode that he tied with a Bearded Lady for the 2016 People’s Choice Beard Contest. I hope youZ guyZ will vote for him in the New Year so he won’t have to share the grooming kit gift basket with anyone!

People have come to love the exceptionally photogenic Santa Rick over the years and will even travel from out of State with families in tow to spend the day at the SHM. They actually wait up to 3 hours in line for their picture with him and even longer on the one day a year they feature Santa Paws  to get a picture with your beloved pet. In addition to all the JOY Santa Rick Derives from his second Humanitarian themed career in life even though he is known as ‘The Fat Guy’,  he has a an incredible sense of humor as well as an openness to health consciousness.


This segment literally took a year to piece together. I was a little disappointed that our Tesla take got cut out. We were letting the Reindeer off the hook since we are [unspoken in the video since their are a lot of innuendos] anti animal cruelty. It probably got cut since the manager of the particular store gave us permission to film but it may have not been approved up the line at their corporate office. However, I thought the funniest thing was a twitter response we received. Omarion’s song featuring Chris Browne & Jhene Aiko ‘Posed to Be was on the radio when I took a short clip on my phone. I ended up tweeting it with the title “Santa and I riding to the North Pole on Electricity like it’s ‘Post to Be” and Omarion himself ended up retweeting it to his 1.2M followers and one girl wrote back “Look at Santa ridin’ clean!”

EXACTLY what I was thinking- in a sustainably and cruelty free manner. 

Here’s a link to the music clip I posted on IG for funZ.



Another one of the innuendos we mention in the RENpisode is related to one of the theories on how the Santa Claus story evolved into what we know it as today and that his true origin is that of a poisonous mushroom known as the Amanita Muscaria. Have you ever heard that one? We’ve also seen this mushroom in some of our other childhood favorites like Super Mario Brothers.


AnywayZ I AM grateFULL to have become good fRENdZ with Santa. It really is a mutually beneficial relationship. He encourages me to be good all year long and I hold him accountable for his Holistic Lifestyle.



Here is a text he sent me from the Jersey Shore this past summer while I was Holistic Health Crusading in Salt Lake City:

AnywayZ, hope you like the RENpisode and incorporate a new Holistic Lifestyle approach or 2 into you regimen this new year! And don’t forgeddaboudit cuZ Santa’s watching!

Xo #SmoocheZ,



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